Tiefe Brise

Dale Air takes pride in delivering aroma solutions to museums, theme parks, attractions, and designers, for education and for the use in point-of-sale. Upon request we design aromas and dispensing solutions tailored to our client’s specifications.
Dale Air has been established for over 20 years at first providing air freshening for hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and domestic homes. After requests from the Jorvic Viking Centre in York for the more unusual aromas, Dale Air has become famous for the aroma of fishmarket rather than freesia and vomit rather than violets.

Ein Gerücheproduzent mit einer wirklich beeindruckenden Aromenvielfalt … einschließlich Brauerei, Heizungskeller, Pferdestall, Dampflok und dem Schnüff einer Football-Umkleidekabine.

Eine Nase

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