Information passed along to me from the Medical Examiner, Dental specialist and Investigators can provide me with clothing and shoe sizes and skeletal details that can be used to determine size and weight of the subject. This information will tell me that the subject was heavy with prominent jowels, thin and bony with sunken cheeks etc. All this information is important in identifying the subject. A water borne individual will be bloated and beyond recognition if much time had been spent in the water. Shoe and clothing size will be very important in determining head details. Suicides usually make sure there is no identifying matter on their person. I try, diligently, to use only that information provided me. I am not prone to be creative in this respect. Is it an exact science? I will be the first to admit that it is not.

Aber spannend ist es allemal. Die forensische Rekonstruktion von Schädeln. Dreidimensionale Phantombilder, nicht per Computer, sondern mit den Händen modelliert.

Zur Rekonstruktion vorbereiteter Schaedel

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