Neunplus is a collective of photographers based in Berlin, Germany, which was founded in February 2005.

We believe that a group or network can use the strengths of every individual member to create something which would not be possible for a single photographer. Interchange, discussions and development of both individual and collective projects, external promotion of work and a wide network of contacts are important aspects from which every member can benefit.
Since spring 2009, neunplus has functioned as a network of potographers, curators and cultural workers without a specific base and gallery. Nevertheless we conduct regular meetings and continue working in individual and also collective projects and have intensified our contacts to other art institutions.

Und wenn man das etwas Schwurbelige mal wegläßt:
Die Jungs und Mädels von neunplus machen einfach richtig schöne Photos.

Miniaturen der Memberseite von neunplus

Und drüber gestolpert bin ich bei ConscientiousJörg Colberg’s weblog about fine-art photography (and more). Definitiv auch einen regelmäßigen Blick wert.

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